How much notice is required for a booking?

Generally at least one day, depending on my schedule. A same day shoot might be possible, don't be afraid to ask.

Do you travel?

Yes, typically anywhere within Southern California. Depending on the specifics of a project, no distance is out of question.

How can I use the photos? Will I own the copyright?

When you hire a photographer you are buying a license to use the photos they take. By default the photographer keeps ownership of the photos' copyright, unless a specific agreement is made otherwise.

Do you have a team?

I do not have employees, but I do have many positive relationships within the real estate marketing/sales community and I am always looking to form more. Reach out if you'd like me to connect you with an ally of mine, or if you're interested in working with me in particular.

How long do you take to deliver finished photos?

Depending on the scale of the project, usually under 24 hours. Upon request, post production/uploading can be rushed to be ready in only a few hours.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept most forms of payment: Cash, Check, Credit Card, Paypal, and Zelle.

What are the SDMLS image size limits?

The SDMLS uses Paragon which will compress photos to 523KB, and scale them under 1280x960. The Paragon system will not accept images with a file size over 6MB. More detailed info on this here.

What are the SDMLS photo guidelines?

The photos can't contain text, advertising/promotions, or inappropriate content (at SDMLS' discretion). Each listing must contain a photo or rendering of the 'subject' (the house/property), at least one from the front exterior, and the photo(s) must have been taken with 72 hours of the listing creation (but you can request an additional five days). More info here.


Is it legal?

Within a very specific framework, yes. The FAA has set forth very stringent rules for drone pilots to help keep airspace safe for manned aircraft, as well as people and structures on the ground.

How long does a shoot take?

Depending on the project, just under an hour.

Do I have to be present at the shoot?

No, although in most cases it is preferred that at least the homeowner is present should I need access to the backyard.

What preparations should be taken for an aerial shoot?

Similar to staging the interior of a house, the outside should be in 'show' shape. Best case scenario, things are put away, there are no cars in the driveway or parked directly in front of the house, and the grass and plants are well maintained.

How high can you fly?

Generally, 400 feet above ground level. Certain airspaces (especially near airports) have much lower flight ceilings, so this changes on a case by case basis.

What if there's bad weather on the day of the shoot?

The shoot can be rescheduled at no cost at the pilot's discretion.

Do you shoot video?

Typically not.

When is special permission from the FAA required?

The most common situations which will require special permission, or an FAA 'waiver', are flying at heights over 400' above ground level, at speeds over 100mph, more than 30 minutes before sunrise or after sunset, or flying over groups of people. There are many more restrictions, and it's recommended to consult FAA resources.

Do I need a license to use a drone to take real estate pictures?

Yes. Using a drone to take photos/videos for any business related activities requires a remote pilot license issued by the FAA.

What happens if I hire a pilot who doesn't have a license?

Anyone hiring a non-licensed pilot will can be fined by the FAA (49 U.S.C. §46306(b, 8)). Looking around the internet you'll find arbitrary numbers (especially the $11,000 fine perpetrated by this site), but the fine is decided on a case by case basis with the hiring party facing up to $32,666 in fines (figure 9-2).

What is controlled airspace?

This is a big question. In layman's terms, this is airspace regulated by the FAA in which flying a drone is restricted or even prohibited. Flying in controlled airspace will require FAA authorization.

How do I check where flying is allowed?

Provided all other safety protocol are being followed, there are airspace maps such as the FAA's B4UFly app, or DJI's Geo Zone Map. There are other precautions which must be taken such as checking local NOTAMs.

Virtual Tours

Which type of tour should I get?

If the tour is for real estate, Matterport or Zillow. Matterport tours can be embedded anywhere in which you can access the site's code, and are supported by realtor.com and homes.com. Zillow 3D home tours appear in Zillow and Trulia.

If the tour is for a business, Google Street View should be used.

How long does a virtual tour take to shoot?

Typically around an hour.

What is a matterport tour?

Matterport is a subscription based service which creates a 3D model of a property's interior. These include photo-based virtual tours within the 3D model. The 3D models can be embedded in any site, and are natively supported by realtor.com and homes.com.

What are the tours charged by ft² after 3,000 feet?

The bigger a property, the more work is required. 3,000 ft² was chosen specifically to be better than the industry average which is 2,000 ft². After 3,000 ft², it will cost an addition $0.05 per ft².

Do you offer staging?

Not at this time.